C202-FF Adult's (High Performance 70 denier) Footed Ballet Tights in Theatrical Pink by Silky Product Description: 70 Denier product perfect for stage performance and other shows .They`ll make your leg look airbrushed and give you a good amount of stretch and support. The features of the product include luxurious spandex based yarns,non elastic waistbands, hand sewn flat seams, no show diamond gusset and no uncomfortable labels. Features and Benefits: Manufactured with supersoft microfiber yarns Hand sews flat seams for comfort against the skin and seamless look Luxury soft non elastic comfort waistband providing a no show look under the leotard No show diamond gusset dyed to match the colour of the tights No uncomfortable labels sewn on the inside of the body Composition: 85% Polyamide, 15% Elastane AVAILABLE IN ADULT'S SIZES from SMALL (height 150-162cm with hips 82-92cm), MEDIUM (height 152-172cm with hips 92-107cm), LARGE (height 162-178cm with hips107-122cm), XL (height 168-183cm with hips 122-137cm) ALSO AVAILABLE IN CHILDREN'S SIZES from Age 3-5 years (height up to 104cm), Age 5-7 years (height up to 116cm), Age 7-9 years (height up to128cm), Age 9-11 years (height up to140cm), Age 11-13 years (height up to152cm). Code: C202-FF

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  • Child/Infant Age 1-2 years (height 71- 96cm)
  • Child Age 3-5 years (height 96-112cm)
  • Child Age 5-7 years (height 112-125cm)
  • Child Age 7-9 years (height 125-137cm),
  • Child Age 9-11 years (height 137-150cm),
  • Child Age 11-13 years (height 150-160cm)
  • SMALL LADIES (height 150-162cm with hips 82-92cm)
  • MEDIUM LADIES (height 152-172cm with hips 92-107cm
  • LARGE LADIES (height 162-178cm with hips107-122cm)
  • XL LADIES (height 168-183cm with hips 122-137cm)

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