Bloch Broadway Hi 3"heel Tan Character Shoes (S0377L)

Bloch Broadway Hi 3"heel Tan Character Shoes (S0377L) Broadway-Hi is a multi-way stretch synthetic leather shoe with a 3 inch heel and a durable leather sole. The perfect entry level character shoe. The subtle curve design at the top elongates the leg line. AVAILABLE IN TAN or BLACK. Strong heel works in conjunction with the reinforced shank to provide optimum ankle stability Ankle strap and pin buckle attach to the shoe with elastic and provide security, while easing tension on the instep Cushioned lining and insole provide comfort Entry level character shoe in soft, durable synthetic leather Plush cushioned lining provides extra support and comfort Fine grid leather front sole suitable for various dance surfaces. AVAILABLE IN TAN or BLACK

  • Brand: Bloch
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Colour: *
  • UK SIZE 2 (EU34) (Bloch 5)
  • UK SIZE 2.5 (EU35) (Bloch 5.5)
  • UK SIZE 3 (EU36) (Bloch 6)
  • UK SIZE 3.5 (EU36.5) (Bloch 6.5)
  • UK SIZE 4 (EU37) (Bloch 7)
  • UK SIZE 4.5 (EU37.5) (Bloch 7.5)
  • UK SIZE 5 (EU38) (Bloch 8)
  • UK SIZE 5.5 (EU39) (Bloch 8.5)
  • UK SIZE 6 (39.5) (Bloch 9)
  • UK SIZE 6.5 (EU40) (Bloch 9.5)
  • UK SIZE 7 (EU41) (Bloch 10)
  • UK SIZE 7.5 (EU41.5) (Bloch 10.5)
  • UK SIZE 8 (EU42) (Bloch 11)

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