Bloch Pointe Cushion Medium (Fits UK Shoe Size 3-7) A901M

Bloch Pointe Cushion Medium Shoe Size (A901M) Fits UK Shoes Size 3-7. Fabric pouch protects the toes, toe joints and metatarsals while wearing pointe shoes. Lightweight silicone pad to be worn with pointe shoes for protection while en pointe. The Pointe Cushion covers across the toes and over the joints of the big toe and little toe. This allows the foot to be protected but to be aware of the floor without the bulk of the under padding. Contains a thin layer of gel material on the top and bottom layers Inside two pieces of fabric covers the ball of the foot, bunion and toes to protect the dancer's feet while en pointe Slight V-shaped pouch seamlessly matches the line of the pointe shoe Seams are soft and flat for extra comfort while en pointe Fits UK Shoe Sizes 3-7

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