Capezio Développé 1136w #3 Shank Moderate Toe Box Pointe Shoes

Développé Pointe Shoe 1136w with #3 Shank and Moderate Toe Box by Capezio Roll to demi-pointe with ease in the Développé Pointe Shoe. This premium pointe shoe has a moderate, feathered toe box and a firm, 3" leather board shank, 1/2 skived to zero. Features built-in, plush inner lining for extra comfort and a wide platform for much needed balance at the barre. Stitched pleating construction absorbs sound, making every movement gracefully quiet. Ideal for a moderate (Greek) foot. Pro Tip: When attaching Bunheads® ribbons and elastics to pointe shoes that have rose coloured lining, a medium needle with a small eye works best. Suggested Fitting: For first time pointe shoe shoppers, we recommend a professional fitting at your nearest Capezio retail store. Product Features: Moderate shaped, feathered toe box Rayon satin upper Medium vamp, low sides Round shape throat Hand-flattened crown Stitched pleating with quiet toe construction Wide, high platform for stability Anti-slip, rose coloured interior lining Traditional side seam, elasticized binding with elastic drawstring Short leather outer sole #3 leather board shank, 1/2 skived to zero Full wing box for lateral support Scored ribbon motif on the outsole aids with traction Printed sock lining with Capezio® logo Heat embossed Capezio® logo with style #, size, width and shank on outside Best Fit: Medium to wide forefoot with tapered toes Elastic and ribbons sold separately

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