Capezio Phoenix 1147W #4 Strong Shank Slight Tapered Toe Box Pointe Shoes. Expertly hand-crafted and designed to rise above the rest! Capezio Phoenix incorporates lightweight technology and sleek lines to provide dancers with precision and grace. Product Features: Slightly tapered inner toe box Low vamp Slight u-shape throat New plush binding provides maximum stretch Plush, anti-slip micofiber lining prevents excess sweating and blisters caused by friction Bar-tacked elastic drawstring prevents accidental pull outs New heel design relieves excess pressure from the Achilles (ideal for Achilles tendonitis) and provides mobility at the Achilles to promote deeper pliés and better jumps Bias side seam elongates the line of the foot Slightly raised sides accommodate higher insteps Reinforced wings for extra lateral support Moderate crown is hand flattened for sleek fit and feel High and wide platform for easy balancing; removable surgical gel on internal platform edge to alleviate toe pressure Reduced sole provides better grip and balance on the floor Three-quartered skived 4 leather board shank provides moderate support and extra lift in the arch Skived ball of foot encourages smooth roll-through and articulation No pleats for smooth and sleek finish Begin a half size up from street shoe size


Capezio Pointe Shoes Size: *
  • UK 2 (EU 34)
  • UK 2.5 (EU 34.5)
  • UK 3 (EU 35)
  • UK 3.5 (EU 35.5)
  • UK 4.5 (EU 37)
  • UK 5 (EU 37.5)
  • UK 5.5 (EU 38.5)
  • UK 6 (EU 39)
  • UK 6.5 (EU 40)
  • UK 7 (EU 41)
  • UK 7.5 (EU 41.5)
  • UK 8 (EU 42)
  • UK 8.5 (EU 42.5)
  • UK 9 (EU 43)

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