ROCH VALLEY Circular ISTD Regulation Chiffon Skirt Chiffon full circular dance skirt Elasticated cotton waistband Suitable for ISTD examinations ISTD exam skirt ISKIRTJ from Roch Valley. Available in gorgeous Sky Blue or luxurious Plum, the ISKIRTJ is designed to be worn with the ILEO dance leotard, creating the recommended dance uniform for lower grades within the ISTD examinations. Manufactured in the UK, this circular chiffon skirt has an elasticated cotton waistband.

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  • WAIST 18" (age 3-5)
  • WAIST 20" (age 5-7)
  • WAIST 22" (age 7-9)
  • WAIST 24" (age 9-11)
  • WAIST 26" (age 11-13)
  • WAIST 28" (Small Ladies)
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